Climate/Green Bonds

  1. The Sterling Bonds Markets and Low Carbon or Green Bonds

    A report written for E3G by Alex Veys, a former Bond Portfolio Manager at Fidelity Investments. It explains how the UK bond market operates and makes recommendations on how to design green bonds. It argues that green bonds can play a critical role in providing the capital needed to finance the low carbon transition.

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  2. Climate Bonds can fund the transition to a low carbon economy

    A short briefing by the Climate Bonds Initiative explaining the transformational role Climate Bonds can play in raising the investment required for the low carbon energy infrastructure.

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  3. Financing a rapid global transition to a low carbon economy - 20 pager

    A longer briefing by the Climate Bonds Initiative setting out how Climate Bonds can accelerate the transition to a global low carbon economy.

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  4. Green Bonds: The missing piece of the jigsaw

    A short briefing by E3G explaining the role Green Bonds can play in accelerating investment into the low carbon economy.

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Green Bonds fit with the long-term investment horizons of pension funds and life insurance companies and would provide the scale of cheap capital needed to fund the low carbon transformation of our energy system.